Monday, November 18, 2013

Hero Factory 2014 = LEGO PACIFIC RIM?

The new LEGO 2014 Hero Factory set pictures have finally surfaced and it looks like LEGO is taking an AWESOME new direction: heroes in MECHSUITS fighting GIANT MONSTERS. With Pacific Rim (and pretty much any mech anime), this isn't the most original concept but it doesn't detract from the awesomeness that is MECHAS.

Stormer, my favorite hero in his "Freeze Machine"
The new sets (branded "Invasion from Below") also feature the heroes in minifigure scale to pilot the EVA  machines. This is a concept LEGO tried before in BIONICLE, and it's interesting seeing that many LEGO collectors buy sets solely for the minifigures and the size of the villains if the minifig heroes are not "shrunken down". This is the most excitement I've ever felt about Hero Factory, and I'm definitely picking some of these sets up! 

Share your thoughts about these new sets below!