Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Amazing Spider-Man Review

With great power comes great responsibility. Although this movie Spider-Man might not be familiar with those words, it still deserves a new suit (and figure). Today we'll be looking at the first entry in the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Peter Parker himself!

No matter what evil rises, the Amazing Spider-Man will summon the courage to defeat it; for with great power comes great responsibility.

This new Spidey comes in the same Marvel Legends packaging as the Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series (That's a mouthful). It's very nice packaging and is becoming the new standard for ML (the next Guardians of the Galaxy wave also uses it as well). Because this is a movie figure the top of the box has the movie's title instead of the generic "Spider-Man" we get on the comic figures. 
If you look closely, you can see the plastic case is upside-down. My mistake. 
But who cares about the (soon to be overused) packaging? Is the figure inside any good?

Short answer: Yes. When the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit was first revealed, fans were ecstatic at the comic-inspired design in favor of the weird, yellow-eyed suit of the original. Because the suit is very comic-based, it is easy to fudge this movie figure as a classic Spider-Man. This is great news for newer ML fans who don't want to pay ridiculous prices for the old McFarlane Spider-Man from Toybiz. 

Furthermore, this is an all-new sculpt from Hasbro. It has very nice details included sculpted lines for the suit and sculpted musculature in the legs (not very present in the arms, however). The figure also features paint shading in the red areas that complements the sculpt very well, even though some of it is misapplied on the eyes. Another gripe with the paint is that the elbow joints (which are molded in red) are not painted blue to match the arms. This isn't a big deal for me, but it is sure to bug some people, especially at a $20 price point. 

The real flaws with this figure are in the articulation. In print it sounds great: Spidey features balljointed shoulders, hips, and head as well as swivel hinge wrists, double jointed elbows/knees, swivels at the waist, thighs, and calves as well as rocker ankles and new shoulder joints. Oh, the shoulder joints...

This is the main flaw with this figure. Hasbro decided to experiment with a new shoulder joint (for forward and backwards movement), and while it works fine, it looks very strange when pulled all the way forward (or backward) as seen in the picture above. Additionally, while the inside of the joint has sculpted detail, it's still red and breaks up the blue on Spidey's back. 

Peter needs to fatten up

The figure continues to sacrifice sculpt for articulation in the hips, which come out looking too bulky for the skinny Spider-Man body. Speaking of skinny Spider-Man bodies, this figure's torso is very flat and thin. I wouldn't mind very much, but it prevents the ab crunch from going down very far, resulting in "crouching" poses that look like this: 

I can't touch my toes...
In the accessories department, Spidey comes with two different sets of hands (thwipping and fisted) for various poses. These are great and allow for some variety, since Hasbro generally doesn't put finger articulation on their ML figures.  The figure also comes packed with the BAF piece of Green Goblin. While I have no intention of completing this BAF, the flame effect should prove useful for some displays. 
Need a hand?

Spidey is on the shorter side at about 6 inches tall. That's a good height if you keep in mind Peter is only a teenager and shouldn't tower over full grown-men (or cyborgs). 

The Karate Spider
Overall, this figure is a good addition to any ML collection. This is a great classic Spider-Man, despite it being a movie figure and a great alternative to the McFarlane Spidey. While it has its flaws, I haven't been able to put it down for the past week, the sign of any good figure. 

Guess who's next up to be reviewed...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The LEGO Movie Collectible Minifigures: Bad Cop and Larry the Barista Review

While Marvel Legends have been scarce, I saw the new LEGO Movie CMF's at Target the other day and couldn't help but pick up a few.

This is the closest to "Mint in Box" I could get
The new LEGO Movie figures come in very nice blue bags that show off some of the figures in the series. Interestingly, this is the second time a LEGO Collectible Minifigures series has been themed (the first was the Olympic-themed CMF's) and supposedly LEGO is planning a Simpsons-themed series of minifigures as well.

 Out of the two packs I bought, I was able to get Larry the Barista and the Scribble Faced Bad Cop. I did use the "bag feeling" technique for these, but I never intended to get the Bad Cop (more on that later).

Larry the Barista

 Clearly the star of The LEGO Movie, Larry the Barista was featured in the first trailer giving overpriced AWESOME overpriced coffee to everyone. Larry has a new hairpiece which I like a lot, and he has a printed apron with his nametag saying "LARRY".

One annoying thing about the printing is that the torso print doesn't extend all the way so there's a white line between the bottom of the apron and the top. Another flaw that Larry has is that his crotch piece is lighter than the actual brown of the apron, so it stands out. However, these are just nitpicks and don't bother me TOO much, and I still love the figure. 
 My favorite part about Larry is his lone accessory: the new coffee cup! It's a new mold that has a printed coffee mug on it. This is a great little piece, and I can see people buying multiple Larry's to fill their LEGO cities with Baristas selling these neat coffee cups.
Emmet decided to try a new hairstyle

Scribble-Faced Bad Cop
*I'm not actually sure if this figure is called "Scribble-Faced", but I'll call it that to distinguish it from the other Bad Cop figure.

Bad Cop is the Liam Neeson-voiced character that apparently has split personalities. I never intended to get this figure; in fact, I wanted the Hardhat Emmet. Since both figures have helmets and come with 1x2 flat bricks, it's easy to get them mixed up when feeling packs, and that's how I ended up with Bad Cop instead of a happy Emmet. And I have to say, I'm not disappointed at all!

 Bad Cop doesn't have the most interesting torso printing (he has no leg printing!), but he does come with a very cool alternate face. Unlike the minifigure in the Bad Cop's Pursuit set (which has a smiling, "Good Cop" face), this CMF version has a creepy scribbled face. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I don't know how relevant this is but it's a very interesting print, to say the least.

While Bad Cop has no back printing, he does have a new helmet piece that is unique to his minifigure. It's a nice piece, but if you have a lot of LEGO cops lying around you won't necessarily NEED this one. 

The figure has two accessories: a printed smartphone piece and a pair of handcuffs. The handcuffs are nothing special, just standard LEGO handcuffs, but the smartphone piece is very nice. Maybe Bad Cop has Flappy Bird installed (it would explain his bad mood).

"Take him to the Melting Chamber!"
Overall, Bad Cop is a nice figure of a relatively important character in the LEGO Movie, but if you aren't a fan of the movie then he's a generic cop with a new helmet and a smartphone.

Overall, these figures are pretty good. They continue the LEGO Collectible Minifigure trend of having good printing and sweet new parts. Even if you aren't a fan of the movie, these are worth picking up. Just be careful when you're feeling for the ones you want!