Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DEADPOOL Trailer Review/Reactions

Today, Fox decided to release their Deadpool trailer for everyone, even those who didn't attend Comic Con, to see. Even though there isn't much new footage from the trailer that debuted at SDCC, it's very nice to see the trailer in HD and not phone quality. Check it out:

A couple notes. First, there is a green band version of this trailer, most likely made to play with Fantastic Four this weekend. If you were a good little nerd and didn't watch any of the leaked SDCC footage, then you were probably blown away. Did Ryan Reynolds just take a jab at Green Lantern? Yes, he did. Is that COLOSSUS? Yes.

If you've been following the project since the original leaked test footage, then you'll probably recognize the "red suit, brown pants" joke. While I think the comedic timing and delivery was a bit better in the original footage, I'm glad to see it return nonetheless. The rest of the humor is great, including the exchange with T.J. Miller's character that is just comedic gold.

"You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado" 

It's also nice to see that Deadpool is fully asserting its hard R rating, with tons of F-bombs and big boy words. The action is still over-the-top and very fitting of Deadpool, because seeing three dudes having holes blown through their brains is just what every comic book fan wanted.

"Oooooh...I'm touching myself tonight"

In terms of changes from the SDCC footage, there was an extra scene in this trailer featuring an old lady informing Deadpool of the presence of a male reproductive organ in his oral cavity. However, I'm sad to see that they cut Deadpool's exchange with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, one of the more memorable parts from the fuzzy SDCC footage.

Nevertheless, this trailer did its job very well, showing us a perfect film adaptation of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds' voice!) and generating all the buzz. Props to the marketing department at Fox for knowing how to sell Deadpool, correcting all their mistakes for the completely botched release of Fantastic Four.

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